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Troll War On R&L

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Troll War On R&L

Post by Kingcold94 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:48 pm

well me and some other people are fighting in a war against trolls on this walking dead site called

this guy came who works for the walking dead tv show and he started posting spoilers everywhere. once the admins saw they banned him, but then he came back with a vengence. he came back and threatened to post THE WHOLE EPISODES on the forum for all to see. then he actually got 2 people to be on his side and become his "representatives" lmfao. WTF war came to an end today when i led the battle against him with the admins and we kicked his ass. LMFAO hes a wanna be terrorist tried to make us do what he wanted

heres power levels

Good Side
KillthemWalkers - 60
Blah Blahby blabbs - 90
Merle Dixon(Me) - 150
-Pissed off - 190
XavierSaint(Admin) - 250
Linging Dead Girl(Admin) - 400

Trolls/spoilers/Terrorists side
Andrea(on his side) - 10
Librarian(on his side) - 100
Jmark119(Rep) - 70
VulpesInuctar(Rep) - 130

Ninja(Ultra Troll leader) - 320
-Terrorist Ultra Spoiler Bomb - 370
-DeadLegion(New account) - 140
-Robs Ghost(New Account) - 50

basically the war is over he got his fkn ass kicked bwahahah and i led the attack on him

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