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Plans For Grand Theft Auto 4

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Plans For Grand Theft Auto 4

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:12 pm

Killing The Pedestrians
Killing The Cops
Crashing Into Cars
Police Chase
Car Chase
Hide N Seek
Stealing Helicopters
Stealing Busses
Stealing Cars
Stealing Trucks
Stealing Police Cars
Stealing N.O.O.S.E
Stealing Police Boat
Crashing Into The Statue Of Liberty
Crashing Into Buildings
Hiding From The Cops In The Apartments
Hiding From The Cops In The Safehouses
Hiding From The Cops On Top Of The Museam
Car Crashing Into The Water
Crash Derby
Jump Out Helicopter
Jump Out Cars
Jump Off The Motoercycles
Jump Off The Buildings
Jump Off The High Buildings
Fighting Each Other
Playing Darts
Playing Bowling
Watching Shows
Boat Riding
Boat Chase
Riding The Subway
Motoercycle Chase
Taking A Walk In Dukes
Taking A Walk In Broker
Taking A Walk In Bohan
Taking A Walk In Algonquin
Taking A Walk In Alderney
Taking A Walk In The Beach


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