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Satanic Democrats Platform

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Satanic Democrats Platform

Post by Tienshinhan06 on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:19 pm

1.Mission = The Satanic Democrats are a party that worshipps Satan. Satanism is a fast growing religion, and we believe that the devil is the supreme leader of all things, that this is Belzibubs earth. We oppose all Christian teachings in schools and oppose the Fascist Republicans Christian Supremacy and of all other religions aswell.

2.Social Policy = We support legalization of drugs/gay marriage/full legalization of abortion. We support legalizing all drugs aswell, and oppose the war on drugs. We support a OPEN society and one that is secular. We oppose all teachings of the bible and support removing all religious monuments. We also are strongly pro-gun and support the second amendment. We also support legalization of polygamy and massive criminal justice reform such as reduction of maximum sentencing. Prisons are corrupt and inefective and must be radically reformed/cut.

3.Economics/Policy = The Satanic Democrats are influenced heavily by the ideals of Mark Twain, Ayn Rand, and Jack London. We believe that the federal governments power should be limited, and we support reducing taxes on businesses. We are also strongly individualistic and support more power in the hands of the individual over the state. We would propose privatizing social security as a start and allowing individuals to invest in private hands. We support welfare reform aswell.

4.Military/Police = We support cutting police benifits and the size of the police force. The police are out of control, and honestly do little to nothing. We support military cuts, and massive cuts to the military budget. Their are more productive ways to fight Communist agression than massive foreign campaigns.

5.Religion = Public worshipp should be illegal. All religious worshipp should be banned. Churches should be taxed like hell, and the Christian culture should be smashed.

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