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Republican Party Platform

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Republican Party Platform

Post by Tienshinhan06 on Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:18 pm


1.Lowering Taxes and fostering economic growth = The Republican party adheres to the ideals of limited government, democracy, individual liberty, and private enterprise as the guiding principals of its governance. The Republicans support lowering the top tax rate of 35% down to 28% and cutting Middle Class Taxes from 23% to 9% along with the tax rates of the poor being cut from 15% to 4%. The Republican Party believes in tax cuts now in order to foster economic growth and create growth in the private sector of the economy. The Republican party supports tort reform as a way to cut healthcare costs and reforms to the national healthcare service so it wont go broke. The Republicans also strongly oppose socialized medicine. If we cut taxes, we can create millions of new jobs and allow business, not government to thrive. Our policy stands in stark contrast to the Democrats or other Radical leftist parties who believe in socialism and government control. Simplify and lower taxes along with cutting the Business/Corporate Tax Rate from 30% to 15% is what we stand by.

2.A strong military = The Republicans support a interventionist foreign policy. We support massive increased spending to combat the Socialist/Communist threat of the Soviets and support funding opponents/resistance groups against Communism. We support all efforts to stop the spread of Communist rule. We support spreading freedom throughout the globe, and working with allied nations such as the UK, West Germany, and Japan in order to fight Communist aggression. Spreading democracy is a must, something we must continue to do. We also support building more military bases around the world to protect American interests and fighting tyrants everywhere.

3.Reducing Spending/Balancing the budget = We support cutting wasteful spending and balancing our budget along with protecting the money of the taxpayer. We will do this through reducing government spending on wasteful areas well continuing a program of targeted tax cuts to corporations that benifit the economy.

4.Reducing Regulations = We believe in reducing regulations to foster economic growth. Lowering taxes and abolishing tiresome EPA regulations are a good start along with abolishing banking regulations aswell.

5.Free Trade = We strongly support free trade and abolishing tariffs. We support all free trade agreements such as NAFTA as we believe in a Capitalist economy that trades with all nations. The Republicans will work tierlesly to expand free trade, a guiding principal of our economy.

6.Immigration = We support increasing legal immigration, but oppose illegal immigration. Although we hate illegal immigration, we would and have supported a path to citizenship and a guest workers program for certain illegal aliens. We also support restrictions on Labor Unions, as they have gone to far. 

7.Outsourcing = Outsourcing of jobs is bad, but it sadly will happen. The best way to stop this is to foster Economic growth through tax-cuts and de-regulation.

8.Israel = As long as Israel exists, we will do whatever we can with all our military might to protect the nation from harm. Israel and Americas interests are one.

9.Drugs = We must stop drug abuse. The way to do this is to continue to fund anti-drug programs and take a hard stand against drug usage. We oppose all drug legalization attempts.

10.Abortion = We oppose Abortion and support making it illegal. We are strongly pro-life and support abortion only in certain rare circumstances such as rape, incest, and in the life of the mother.

11.Space Travel/Infrastructure = we supporting rebuilding Infrastructure and increasing funds for space travel.

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