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Republican Camp

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Republican Camp

Post by Tienshinhan06 on Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:58 pm

The Republican Camp is the Center-Right camp lead by the Republican Party. The Camp/Alliance is lead by several parties but is made up in general of 4 main parties. The main parties making up the alliance are the Republican Party (Largest in America), The Conservative Party (CP), The New Century Party, and the Professionals Alliance. 

Their are 5 main camps, and the Republicans are seen as the Center-Right camp. The other camps are

Main Camps

Republican Camp (Center-Right)
Democrat Camp (Center-Left)
Constitution/Libertarian Camp (Right-Wing)
Left Camp (Far-Left)
Nationalist Camp (Right-Wing/Third Position)
Social Democrat Camp (Center-Left to Left-Wing)

Parties in Republican Camp

The Republicans absorbed the American Independence Camp, which although not an official party lives on through many members of the Conservative Party. The AIC (Independence Camp) was regarded as a pure right-wing/far-right camp but joined with the GOP to avoid vote splitting but still runs at the local level.

Republican Party = The Largest party in America, the second largest being the Democrats. The Republicans call for strong intervention against the Soviet Union, increased military spending, moderate social conservatism, less taxes/regulation, law & order and free trade.

Professionals Alliance = A party which believes strongly in free market capitalism/less taxes/regulation and free trade. They support classical liberalism and are strongly pro-business and most of their support comes from the wealthy/Business class usually those that are heads of major firms. The party also opposes all environmental regulation. On foreign policy they support intervention against the Soviets and increased military spending but are considered much more moderate than the other factions of the Republican camp. On social issues, the Professional Alliance is quit liberal supporting gay marriage (unlike the Republicans and Conservatives) and supporting criminal justice reform/marijuana legalization. They also support free trade strongly opposing all tariffs and support increased legal immigration along with Amnesty for illegals. They differ from the Libertarian/Constitution Camp in that they support corporate welfare being increased and the UN. They also are strongly anti-union.

New Century Form = A Neo-Conservative stridently anti-communist faction which supports massive increases in defense spending along with supporting the UN. Their main goal and platform is directed against the spread of Communism and unlike other Conservatives of the Nationalist Right they support a Internationalist foreign policy rather than an Isolationist one. Many of the parties members were former leftists at one point in time, and on domestic issues the New Century Forum may be the most moderate of the factions.

Conservative Party = The most Right-Wing faction. The Conservatives are the second largest faction/party but still have nowhere near as many members as the Republicans. They tend to perform fusion with the Republicans or endorsing any party that agrees with some of their basic beliefs. On social issues the party is very conservative, opposing marijuana legalization, gay marriage, divorce, abortion, and supporting capital punishment. On economic issues the party is anti-union, for abolishing the minimum wage , for lower taxes/tax cuts, reduced regulations, and opposition to environmental policies. They support government survallience, free trade, outsourcing, and lowering corporate tax rates. They support strong intervention against the Soviet Union and are stridently anti-communist but have a internationalist rather than nationalist outlook on foreign policy.

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