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Post by Tienshinhan06 on Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:13 pm

National Parties

National Republican Alliance/Republican Party
-Republican Party (Center-Right/Conservative)
-Family Values (FV) (Center-Right/Social Conservative)
-American Independence Alliance (AIP) (Right-Wing/Conservative)
-New Century Forum (Center-Right/Neo-Conservatism)
-American Freedom Tank (AFT) (Center-Right/Libertarian/Pro-Business/Pro-Free Trade/Pro-Open Borders)
-Alliance of Professionals (Center-Right to Right-Wing/Strident Economic Conservatism/Pro-Open Borders/Pro-Free Trade)
-Republican Alliance (RA) (Center-Right/Neo-Liberalism)
-Conservative Party (Center-Right/Conservative)
-Neo Democrats (Centrist)
-Congress of Racial Equality (CRO) (Center-Right/Racial Minority Politics/Social Conservatism)

American Democracy Alliance/Democratic Party
-Democratic Party (Center-Left/Liberal)
-Labor Party (Center-Left/Labor rights)
-American Green Party (AGP) (Left-Wing Social Liberalism/Green Politics)
-American Democracy Party (ADP) (Center-Left to Left-Wing/Progressivism/Social Democrat/Pro-Open Borders)
-Democratic Leadership Forum (DLF) (Centrist to Center-Left/Pro-Free Trade/Pro-Open Borders)
-Labor Union Federation (LUF) (Center-Left/Protectionist/Workers Rights/Anti Immigration)
-Civic Party (Center-Left to Left-Wing/Progressive Economics/Anti-Corruption)
-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) (Center-Left to Left-Wing/Racial Minority Politics)
-Neighbourhood and Workers Service Centre (Center-Left/Urban Left Politics)
-Democratic Future Party (Center-Left/Neo-Conservatism)
-Black Democrats (Left-Wing/Black Politics)
-American Indian Progressives (Center-Left/American Indian Politics)

American Innovation Party (Right-Wing/Nationalist/Anti-Immigration/Protectionist/American Workers Rights)
-Workingmens Party (Anti-Immigrant/Protectionist)
-American Patriots (AP) (Right-Wing/Protectionist/Anti Immigration/Conservative)
-American Freedom Fighters (AFF) (Right-Wing/Anti Immigration)
-American Labor Unions Alliance (ALUA) (Workers Rights/Alternative Left/Protectionist/Anti-Immigration)
-Assocation for Racial Equality (ARE) (Racial Minority Rights/Anti-Immigration)

Socialist Party/League of Social Democrats(Left-Wing/Social Democracy/Progressive/Labor Rights/Protectionist)
-League of Social Democrats (Left-Wing/Progressive)
-American Democratic Socialist Alliance (ADSA) (Left-Wing/Democratic Socialist)
-Social Democrats USA (Center-Left/Neo-Conservative)
-Alternative Socialists (Center-Left/Left-Wing/Anti-Immigration/Isolationist/Anti-Globalization)
-Socialist Party for America (SPA) (Left-Wing/Socialist/Social Liberal)
-American Indian Choice (AIC) (Left-Wing/American Indian Politics)
-Peoples Power (Direct Democracy/Local Democracy)

Liberty Movement (LM)
-Constitution Party (Right-Wing/Free Market Capitalism/Conservative Libertarian/Isolationist/Politics of Ron Paul/Libertarian)
-Economic Freedom (EF) (Right-Wing/Libertarian Economics)
-Libertarian Forum (Center-Right/Right-Wing/Libertarianism/Social Liberalism)
-Marijuana Party (Libertarian/Pro-Marijuana legalization)
-American Patriot Party (APP) (Right-Wing/Libertarian Conservative/Anti-Globalization/Anti-Immigration/Conspiracyism)
-American Libertarian Conservatives (ALC) (Right-Wing/Center-Right/Libertarian Conservative)
-American Constitutional Alliance (ACA) (Right-Wing/Conservative/Social Conservatism)
-American Indian Party (Libertarian/American Indian Politics)
-American Conservative Front (ACF) (Far-Right to Right-Wing/Social Conservatism/Economic Conservatism)
-American Freedom Voice (AFV) (Libertarian)

Left-Front/Communist Party USA
-Communist Party (Far-Left/Communism)
-Radical Peoples Party (RPP) (Far-Left/Social Liberalism)
-Black Lives Matter (Far-Left/Black Nationalist/Marxism)
-Green Power (GP) (Far-Left/Green Communist)

Reform Party (Centrist/American Nationalism/Protectionism/Anti-Immigration)

Other Alliances/Minor Parties


Local Parties


New Parties/Former Parties


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