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Who is stronger SSJ GOD GOKU or SSJ4 GOKU?

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Who is stronger SSJ GOD GOKU or SSJ4 GOKU?

Post by Phillipt79 on Tue May 27, 2014 6:50 pm

SSJ Goku on Namek was 150 Million! Power level. Now I have SSJ2 Gohan during Cell games at (120 x stronger and I agree with Trunks79 That Full Powered/Mastered SSJ Goku from Buu saga is also 120 X Stronger than SSJ GOKU on Namek.) Also SSJ2 is 2 Times stronger than Full Powered/Mastered SSJ Goku (240 X Stronger than SSJ GOKU on Namek ) & SSJ3 is 8 Times stronger Full Powered/Mastered SSJ Goku (960 X Stronger than SSJ Goku on Namek) I think Kid Goku Base Form in GT WAS same as SSJ3 Goku in Buu saga. SSJ4 Goku is suppose to be 4000 x Stronger than GT Base form Kid Goku meaning 960 x 4000 = 3,840,000 X Stronger than SSJ GOKU on Namek = 150,000,000. His SSJ4 GOKU = 576,000,000,000,000 / 576 Trillion! Power Level. Im not sure if Goku in God mode is more than 4000 X Stronger than SSJ3 Goku from Buu Saga or not?


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Post by Trunks79 on Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:22 pm

Hey Trunks79 here again. Im not sure where I saw this but I think it was on Dragonball Wiki and they had a multipliers list and everything seemed to be mostly correct except I did not agree with the LSSJ AND I did not agree with the Fusion dance and Ultimate Mystic Warrior increase they said that U.M.W. Would have a 10,000 X Increase. I think it should be 5,000 x Increase cuz I think SSJ 2 GOHAN durning Buu saga was 100 x stronger than SSJ NAMEK GOKU so I think that Base Gohan should be same as SSJ NAMEK GOKU remember this is Base Gohan from Buu saga which I believe is 150,000,000 now I think that cuz he killed Frieza at 50 Percent in movie 12 with one punch u could tell Frieza was not at his 100 Percent max cuz his muscles were not that big like on Namek but he did look to be at 50 Percent which would be 60 million power level for him. Also I think Fusion dance makes the weaker warrior 80 x stronger or both together x 40 increase and they have it 200 X stronger than the weaker warrior or both together X 100! Also SSJ1 BROLY WAS suppose to have a power level of 1,400,000,000 now in the Android saga I believe that Piccolo had a power level of 120,000,000 the same as Frieza at 100 Percent. Now here's the reason why cuz in Dragonball Z Kai I heard Piccolo say that Android 17 was 10 x stronger than him after Piccolo and the others lost to 17 and 18 in battle now I like the list that Phillipt79 did on here and he had Android 17/Piccolo post Kami fusion at 8 x stronger than SSJ NAMEK GOKU so if you take 150,000,000 X 8 = 1,200,000,000 divided by 10 you get 120,000,000 which is the same as Frieza 100 Percent. Now I believe that Piccolo after training in R.O.S.A.T. Doubled both times meaning he became 4 x stronger than he was which would also be the same as Semi Perfect CELL which 32 X stronger than SSJ NAMEK GOKU BY Phillipt79 List. Also Cell saga post R.O.S.A.T. FOR BASE GOHAN WOULD BE 180,000,000 and after their second day Base Vegeta and also Base Future Trunks would be at 135,000,000 by Phillipt79 List so if u add FULL POWERED/MASTERED SSJ GOKU BEING 9,000,000,000 + PICCOLO after 2 days in R.O.S.A.T. which is 4,800,000,000 + Base Gohan 180,000,000 + Future Trunks 135,000,000 IS 14,115,000,000 FOR F.P./M SSJ GOKU BUT LEGENDARY SSJ BROLY STILL HAD THE UPPER HAND SO THAT MEANS BROLY IN HIS LSSJ FORM MUST OF BEEN ABOUT 505 x STRONGER THAN HIS BASE FORM. PROBABLEY HE WAS 500 X STRONGER AT FIRST BUT THEN HE KEPT GETTING STRONGER THRU OUT THE MOVIE THIS IS PROBABLEY WHY GOKU WAS SO DESPERATE TO GET VEGETA TO ADD HIS POWER WHEN HE DID CUZ BROLY WAS PROBABLEY ABOUT READY TO BECOME 510 X STRONGER THAN HIS BASE FORM BROLY HAS A ABILITY SPECIAL TO HIM THE MORE LONGER THE FIGHT LAST THE MORE POWERFUL HE BECOMES HE'S KINDA LIKE THE HULK THE MORE RAGE THE MORE POWER THE MORE U PISS OFF THE HULK THE MORE POWERFUL HE GETS. SO LSSJ BROLY IS PROBABLEY 10 X STRONGER AT 14,000,000,000 THAN HIS SSJ1 FORM WHICH IS 1,400,000,000 BUT AS THE FIGHT KEEP'S GOING ON HE GET'S STRONGER AND STRONGER.I BELIEVE HE WAS 505 X STRONGER = 14,140,000,000 ONCE WHEN FINALLY GETTING BASE VEGETA 135,000,000 POWER F.P./M SSJ GOKU WITH EVERYONE HAD A POWER LEVEL OF 14,250,000,000 TO FINALLY BEAT THE LSSJ IN BATTLE. NOW BROLY GAINED EVEN MORE POWER BY MOVIE 10 BUT I WONT GO IN TO THAT. IM SORRY FOR GETTING OFF TRACK BUT HERE'S THE REAL POINT I WAS TRYING TO MAKE. I READ ON THAT SITE OR WHATEVER SITE IT WAS. THAT SSJ GOD MODE MAKES THE SAIYAN BASE FORM 20,000 X STRONGER. SO IF THIS IS RIGHT THEN THAT MEANS THAT SSJ 4 FROM GT IS MORE POWERFUL BUT ONLY BECAUSE GOKU FROM GT HAD A BASE FORM THAT WAS AS STRONG SSJ3 GOKU FROM BUU SAGA AND SSJ3 GOKU WAS Maybe twice as strong as Buu saga so the truth is if they both have the same base form power level then the SSJ GOD GOKU WOULD BEAT THE CRAP OUT SSJ 4 GOKU SO TRANSFORMATION WISE GOD MODE IS GREATER INCREASE BUT IF WERE TALKING POWER LEVEL'S COMPARING GT SSJ 4 GOKU VS. DBZ MOVIE 14 SSJ GOD GOKU THEN SSJ 4 WINS BUT IF AKIRA TORIYAMA TELLS US LATER ON THAT DRAGONBALL WIKI WAS WRONG WHEN THEY SAID IT WAS 20,000 X STRONGER OR IF IT WAS MORE LIKE 4,000,000 or something high like that THEN I'LL SAY OTHERWISE BUT GOD MODE IS A BETTER INCREASE IF U HAVE SAME BASE POWER LEVEL!


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